“Creating Hope” Sequel

Beyond The Front Row

In April 2015, the “Front Row” video premiered in Rochester, New York. Since then it has been shared in major cities around the United States, at the UN committee on non-violence and in some foreign cities. It is shown in Rochester City Schools, Monroe County Probation and Parole, Rec Centers, Hillside, Industry, Pathways to Peace, city libraries and YMCAs, church youth groups and many other places. It is a valuable tool in helping combat gangs and youth violence. If you haven’t seen it, just click here to view it online. If you have seen it, you will recognize the deep impact it is having on the youth in our community.

The Front Row Coalition, at the encouragement of many, has reconvened to develop a sequel called “Creating Hope – Beyond the Front Row.” Many of the same people plus some new faces from Rochester Community TV, RPD, RCSD and the city of Rochester have been working to create this second tool for those working with youth. The focus of the sequel will be to provide at-risk youth hope and vision to complete high school and reach beyond to fulfill their dreams and calling, to a place of personal success, a place where they can give back. Both youth struggling with hopelessness in poverty, gangs and violence and adults who are now happy and successful from similar backgrounds will be interviewed.

We have already raised about two-thirds of the financial support we need and have begun filming. Please join us in supporting this vital project for our youth.

The Front Row Coalition