Story Reader Instructions

Tuesdays and Saturdays all year around!

Arnett Library Story Time

Thank you so much for taking the time to read to the young children in our community. You are building wonderful memories for these children in the Children’s Room at the Arnett Library. The number of children coming is growing! Here are just a few tips to make things go smoothly. If you have questions or problems or would like to become a regular volunteer Story Reader, please contact Susan Morehouse (436-1628 or 775-9548 or or our Head Librarian, Bruce Tehan (428-8214 or

How to Do It

  • Click here for Sept-Dec 2018 reader schedule. or here for Jan-Mar 2019 schedule.
  • Come by the library ahead of your time to read and choose the books you plan to use. You should have about 6 books planned but may only read 3-4 depending on your audience. Bruce may have some suggestions of books if you need help. You may want to choose a theme such as a holiday or seasonal theme. We will continue to highlight a letter for reading readiness. You will see each Tuesday has a letter assigned to it. Please consider choosing one book that is about something that starts with that letter, then discussing the sound it makes and what the letter looks like. Saturday readers are welcome to repeat the letter when they read.
  • Arrive ahead of time to get yourself pulled together and be able to greet the children. At the front desk, a Story Readers’ Drawer has been assigned to us and any staff person can show you where it is. In it you will find a Readers’ Sheet and stickers for the children. After story time, pass out stickers, mark how many people came and what you read. Then put the clip board back in the volunteer drawer.
  • A list of approved readers is included in case you cannot come the day you were scheduled. Please call a substitute and let Susan know of the change.
  • Readers have asked if they can give gifts to the children (candy, book). If you would like to give a gift to the children please give it to Bruce Tehan so that it can come from the library and not from an individual.
  • If you would like to become a regular volunteer Story Reader, please contact Susan Morehouse (436-1628 or 775-9548 or


Approved Readers: